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Waste Clearance

At ERT we pledge to give you the best possible service at competitive prices, these are just some examples of what

we do to reduce the price you pay for your waste

clearance when you choose us:

- Usable items like clothes, furniture etc. are taken to local charity shops so they can be still used.

- Where we can, we are separating recyclable items from general waste, therefore it cost us less in fees at recycling centers to dispose.

- We are working hard and plan our journeys in such way to minimize empty miles and save on fuel.

If you would like to be one of our partners and help us do more for the environment whether you run charity shop, repair shop or recycling business please get in touch as we constantly looking for more organizations to support us in what we do.

Frequently asked questions

What happens to my waste?

At ERT we take waste disposal seriously, we do not fly tip! We hold waste carriers license which allows us to transfer your waste to the commercial waste disposal site for a fee.

I received much better price than yours from competition, why?

We are always pricing our services as fair as we can and our quotes are also very competitive, if you find other carrier offering you much cheaper service please make sure you ask for their waste cariers license details as well as receipt to limit the risk of fly tipping. Remember even company with waste carrier license can fly tip! Companies employ people and people often are tempted to do things they shouldn't do if they can get away with it. We encourage you to go to as many companies as you can for a quote before you decide which one to use as this will give you indication of right price and minimize risk of fly tipping.

Can I get prosecuted when waste carrier fly tips my rubbish?

Yes! It's very common to believe that if you passed your waste onto someone else it's their problem, however that is only true if you have an agreement in place - for you this is your receipt. If you are given a receipt from the company for the waste taken away it cannot fire back at you when they dump it round the corner and the neighbour comes to you asking to take it away. Remember always check whether the company you dealing with has waste carriers license and ask them to provide you receipt - this could be on paper or in form of email sent from official company email address.

How can I get better price?

Your clearance price inludes labour and costs of space on the vehicle to take it away, it also cost us to dispose of it, the less you have for us the better price you get.
On some occasions if you disposing some items of value (scrap metal) with your waste we can quote you better price as we can use those items to cover for our costs.
Look at what you have to dispose of and give away what you can to your local charity shop, list it on ebay and social media to be given away for free. Remember the old saying: "One man's thrash is another man's treasure!"

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Licences and Insurance:
Upper Tier Waste Broker and Carrier License
10K Goods In Transit Removals and courier cover,
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